1st Annual

  1. What was the name of the girl who MJ made dupe Flunkie into thinking that she was single, but she was actually married?

  2. What are the names of MJ and Michelle’s two children?

  3. MJ’s son was born on a holiday. Which holiday was it?

  4. What was Jabberjaw’s real name?

  5. What is the name of Froggy’s wife?

  6. MJ and Michelle have two dogs. What breed are they?

  7. In August 2006, the MJ Morning Show was about to go off the air on one of its affiliate stations, but luckily stayed on after a contract extension was signed. In what city was this?

  8. “Dandruff Dan” is a Frogawogs character based on which member of the morning show?

  9. Fester and his wife own an establishment in Tampa called Planet Beach. What kind of place is it?

  10. Why is Rachel’s nickname “The Flying Tomato”?

  11. Before coming to Tampa, MJ hosted a morning show for about a year in 1993 in what Florida city?

  12. In 2006, MJ vehemently urged Hurricane to stop using and get rid of something he owned. What was it?

  13. How much reward money did MJ give to Mitchell Hults, the hero in the Ben Ownby/Shawn Hornbeck case in Missouri?

  14. What is the Hiccup Chick’s name?

  15. What is MJ’s middle name (Todd ___ Schnitt)?

  16. Joey B and Flunkie worked together in Philadelphia prior to joining the show in 2006. Which station did they work at?

  17. Joey B, Hurricane, and MJ were all born in what year?

  18. Which 2002 contest on the show involved fixing listeners’ teeth?

  19. Nando the Intern said he was peed on by a handicapped man in a bathroom. At what kind of place did the incident occur?

  20. MJ used to be on the air on 105.3 WMAX. In what city was this station?

  1. What is Joey B's favorite NHL team?

  2. In what year did Hoover replace Joey B as the show's executive producer?

  3. MJ threw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game in 2005. Which team were the Devil Rays playing that day?

  4. On which game show was MJ a contestant?

  5. "Blimp & Shrimp Moving" was a company owned by which two morning show members?

  6. Tony Soprano was one of the characters on the show a few years ago. What was his former occupation?

  7. In the Crotchety Old Man calls, Milton Fludgecow has a son named Chauncey and, on a rare occasion, mentions having a daughter. What is her name?

  8. What was the real name of "The Lawsuit Man"?

  9. For the first "Friday Fall Concert Series," Froggy did his stunt in the studio. What stunt was it?

  10. Perez Hilton, who appeared on the show several times, had his own theme song. What was the name of the song?

  1. Joey B has a friend named Drew Carey because of his resemblance to the TV personality. What is his friend's real first name?

  2. Dr. Childers, who MJ has worked with in the past, is what kind of doctor?

  3. In the Tickle Me Elmo-Wood Crotchety call, what is the final Christmas gift that Milton asks the toy store representative for to see if they have any left?

  4. Hoover's uncle works as a broadcaster for which NFL team?

  5. In the EmineMJ song, what does MJ say caused him to be "so screwed up"?

  6. In the Hearing Aid Crotchety call, Milton makes an appointment to see a hearing aid specialist for what time?

  7. Who was the show's audio/sound effects producer right before Flunkie joined the show?

  1. Although MJ doesn't stand for anything, BJ did. What did BJ stand for?

  2. In the spoof video of Kristen the Intern's American Idol appearance, what job does the man who played Randy have at the radio station?

  3. What company does Milton call in the exercise bike Crotchety call?

  4. Jabberjaw made a brief appearance on which Fox News Channel show that has since been cancelled?