2nd Annual

  1. What is Jub-Jub the Intern's real first name?

  2. What is Joey B's favorite college football team?

  3. Unscramble this show member's name: ADURITN HET TIENRN

  4. Kiss 95.1 FM began syndicating the MJ Morning Show in what year?

  5. Instead of Tony Fatso, what name did the crew use for the image of a black-looking Fester on his barbecue sauce t-shirt?

  6. What is Joey B's favorite (specific) brand of beer?

  7. From which game show is the theme music for "Guest or No Guest"?

  8. Which TV court show did members of the morning show tape an episode for that never actually aired?

  9. What radio station did MJ work at in Los Angeles?

  10. Which celebrity does Jub-Jub the Intern want to be a personal assistant for?

  11. What is the name of the company in Tampa where the Jesus Door was discovered?

  12. What basketball player is mentioned in the "Chloe's Mom" song?

  13. Listen to this Pick Your Plastic jingle here. What song is it a parody of?

  14. Where did Meredith go to college?

  15. MJ owns land in what mountainous state?

  16. What was the name that Joey B gave to a lizard that got into his house?