4th Annual

  1. What is the name of Dementia Don's gay grandson?

  2. What is Sid the Intern's nickname that he hates?

  3. Who was the show's audio producer right before Meredith got the job?

  4. What did DilBrett the Intern recently have surgery to correct?

  5. What did BJ admit to doing when he came back for the MJ & BJ reunion shows?

  6. What song did Dave the Dwarf sing to a woman as a surprise on her birthday?

  7. In Froggy’s crank calls, where did the Stoner Guy work?

  8. What is the name of Dave the Dwarf’s girlfriend with whom he appeared on the “Tyra Banks” show in 2008?

  9. In which month of this year did the show go live in St. Louis on Z1077?

  10. What is the name of the song that Laura, an MJ Morning Show listener, sung and had a video produced for last year?

  11. Whenever MJ asks questions to crew members or callers, he plays the theme music from which 1970s game show?

  12. What is Snooki the Intern’s real first name?

  1. DilBrett brought two items to Froggy’s house when he was sick. What were they?

  2. How many total eligible entries were there in Fester’s Big Ass Contest?

  3. What nickname did Sid the Intern recommend he be called instead of Sidphilis?

  4. What instrument has MJ played on and off in recent years?

  5. Which state was Meredith born in?

  6. What nickname did MJ recently give to Dana the Engineer?