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The MJ Morning Show was a morning radio show based out of Tampa, Florida. It aired weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. (and 6 to 9 a.m. for a brief time in its final months)Eastern on the following radio stations:

Crew and Show Cast

MJ Kelli was the host of the MJ Morning Show. His real name is Todd Schnitt. MJ hosted the morning show for 18 years from 1994 through 2012. He has been in the business since 1982 with stints in New York, Los Angeles, Virginia, and Florida. MJ knows exactly how to entertain his audience and has been doing so for years. Some people can't stand him for his bold and sometimes overly opinionated style, but most enjoy his brilliant mix of information, opinions, and humor.

Other show members included:

  • BJ Harris (co-host from 1994 through 2001)
  • Uncle Fester (sidekick)
  • Hurricane (technical producer/webmaster)
  • Froggy 1 (sidekick)
  • Froggy 2 (sidekick/song producer)
  • Meredith (audio producer)
  • Joey B (executive producer)
  • Hoover (executive producer)
  • Dave the Dwarf (official show midget)
  • Interns

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HISTORY OF THE MJ MORNING                     SHOW

The show debuted on February 7, 1994 on WFLZ-FM in Tampa, Florida as the MJ & BJ Morning Show. The hosts were MJ Kelli, who had come from West Palm Beach, Fla., and partner BJ Harris, who had already worked in Tampa morning radio for a few years. The show caught the ears of many listeners in the Tampa Bay area as the crew pulled off crazy stunts and developed a reputation for being a no-nonsense, real radio show. This style of radio wasn't as common in its radio market and was seen as refreshing and unique at the time. The morning show soared in the ratings and created a huge following of listeners, many of whom have continued to listen to the show ever since its debut.

In 1998, the MJ & BJ Morning Show began syndication to St. Louis, Missouri on KSLZ-FM. A year later, a Fort Myers affiliate (100.1 Kiss FM) joined. However, that affiliate changed formats and dropped the show about two years after it started syndicating it. The same thing occurred with a South Carolina affiliate in the late '90s. In February 2001, BJ Harris left the show to pursue a managerial position in radio, and the show became the MJ Morning Show. Many people wondered if MJ could successfully carry on with the show without a permanent sidekick, He proved many doubters wrong by continuing to entertain listeners every single morning while bringing in some new show members to contribute to the program.

From 2001 and on, stations in Atlanta, GA, Columbus, GA, Jackson, MS, and Jacksonville, FL began syndicating the show. The Jackson, MS station (95.5 The Beat) changed formats and no longer carried the show. The same thing occurred with the show's Atlanta affiliate (105.3 WMAX) in January 2004. But after WMAX became a talk station a few months later (Real Radio 105.3 FM), it brought back the morning show. Just months after MJ was back on the air in Atlanta and trying to rebuild his audience, WMAX saw another change and became a Spanish music station, once again losing the MJ Morning Show in September 2004. B101 FM in Columbus also dropped the show in September 2004 because it changed formats as well.

In 2007, three stations in Florida (Space Coast, Treasure Coast, Punta Gorda/Ft. Myers) began syndicating the show. However, the Treasure Coast station (Star 94.7 - WSYR) and the Ft. Myers station (The Beach 98.9 - WBCG) dropped the show with little acknowledgement from the crew. This occurred around late 2009 or early 2010, although it is difficult to know an exact date due to their quiet departures from the list of show affiliates.

In July 2011, 97.9 Kiss FM in Jacksonville changed formats to a slightly different genre of music. There was discussion that the new station, called Radio NOW 97.9, would drop the show. But after a week of being off-the-air in Jacksonville, the show did return to the 97.9 frequency.

In January 2012, Kiss 95.1 WBVD-FM in Melbourne dropped the show after airing it since March 2007. Much like previous cases of stations dropping the show, there was no on-air acknowledgement of this change. This brings the MJ Radio Network down to three stations, the fewest number since 2007.

The final broadcast of the MJ Morning Show took place on Friday, February 17, 2012. The crew took lots of phone calls from listeners and reminisced about the 18 successful years of the program. MJ choked up as he went around the room and prompted each crew member to say their goodbyes. The show signed off around 9:15 a.m. Eastern that morning for the final time.

In total, the show was heard on 10 different radio stations as well as streaming on the Internet for several years and on iHeartRadio throughout its history.

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MJ Morning Show Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-409-9393 (Toll-free nationwide)
  • #933 (Wireless Line - for Tampa listeners only)
  • 813-990-9393 (Free for Hillsborough County, FL residents; toll charge applies to others)
  • 727-446-9393 (Free for Pinellas County, FL residents; toll charge applies to others)
  • 97720 (Text message number, works for both the MJ Morning Show and 93.3 FLZ)
  • *NOTE: In about 2009, MJ started giving out just one phone number (1-800-409-9393) instead of all of these to make it easier to remember the number for the show. But the other numbers can still be used, even though they are no longer given out on-air.


MJ Kelli's Radio Resume

  • WCPK in Chesapeake, VA (MJ's first radio job at age 16 in 1982)
  • WGH in Newport News, VA (mid-1980's)
  • Z104 WNVZ in Norfolk, VA (mid-1980's)
  • 97 Star in Norfolk, VA (late 1980's)
  • Pirate Radio in Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 1989-Feb. 1991)
  • 95.5 WPLJ in New York, NY (1991-1992)
  • WOVV in West Palm Beach, FL (1993)
  • 93.3 WFLZ in Tampa, FL (Feb. 7, 1994-present)
  • 610 WIOD in Miami, FL (Oct. 2001-present) [Schnitt Show affiliate station]
  • 970 WFLA in Tampa, FL (Jan. 2002-present) [afternoon Schnitt Show home base]
  • Many affiliate stations in other markets