Show Favorites

An MJ Morning Show Classic Video


Watch the ListenUp! spoof commercial, featuring several members of the MJ Morning Show and a few interns using the hearing device. Who is that guy with the red stripe in his hair?

The "I Like Turtles" Remix


MJ & BJ on "The Jenny Jones Show"

MJ & BJ appeared on "The Jenny Jones Show" in 1999 after being voted on by listeners who nominated their favorite local DJ team. Play close attention to when MJ grabs Jenny's microphone, takes over the show, and brings out a "special guest" from backstage.

(Note: Volume is low on the video, so turn up your PC's volume
and speakers for the best possible sound)

Honoring MJ the Hero

MJ has done so many things in his life to be considered a hero. Here is a video from Andy (aka. Pub Rat Boy) in which Fester, MJ and Froggy sing about how the veteran radio broadcaster is "walking on air" and celebrating his super hero status:



"Hammer Time" with Monica the Crazy 911 Lady


The Crazy Voicemail Lady!


Froggy Singing "Where Do You Hide Your Horns?"


This classic song about MJ is now in a South Park-style video!

Also, you can download the entire song that Froggy performed live on the show
for his fall concert by clicking here.

Exclusive Video of Joey B Seeing Bigfoot!

Watch this exclusive video of Joey B seeing Bigfoot on I-95 in South Carolina. You won't believe what he actually saw! (Note: This is a reenactment with South Park-looking characters)


MJ Morning Show @ Gasparilla Parade 2007


The MJ Morning Show Crew as South Park Characters